Friday, June 15, 2012

~ New Layers On the Table ~

You might recall I've been on a roll lately at the sewing machine. We've become best friends these past few weeks. It all started the day I decided to do some organizing in the area where I sew. I noticed all that beautiful fabric just lying there on the shelves before I knew it I was hit by the bug. Remember the "little" project I shared with you last week? If not you can go HERE for a reminder. Since that project I've gone through several yards of fabric, drawings and making notes of measurements for future projects.
I purchased the Equestrian fabric a while back on a day trip with my daughter, knowing it would make the perfect runner for the dining room table. I have plenty left over fabric to make a few napkins, hopefully you'll see those in future tablescapes.
You know how it is once you move one thing that calls for another to me moved. After making the runner I shuffled a few things around and came up with this vignette.
This cutie sat on the bakers rack in the kitchen for the longest time. I love the way it looks on the dining room table.
I have quite the love for lanterns, they're a great decorating staple to use around the house inside and out. I'm pretty selective about the ones I take outside. With all the heavy winds we have around here I sure don't want them getting broken or dinged up.
So the dining room won't get a heavy feel with all the brown tones going on, I love the mix of blue for a lighter airier feel. The hunt scene on the plate flows smoothly with all the Equestrian decor.
 The crystal decanter vase blends nicely with the crystal candle holder inside the lantern.
This is an updated picture of the White Orchid plant I brought home sometime ago. You can revisit that post HERE. You can see by the leaves the plant is quite healthy, blooms have been gone for awhile. I'm really hoping it will surprise me day soon with more blooms. It was so pretty when I first brought it home. If any of you know what I can do to help it along I appreciate any and all suggestions.
Love these dogs, they seem to be sitting at the base of the Orchid keeping an eye on things.
Close up of fabric.
And another shot.
I like to put tassels on the ends of my runners, I think it gives it a more professional finished touch. I'll share a short tutorial next week of how I make my runners.
One last shot of the dining room table as it sets today, now don't get to used to it, you know I'm always moving things around.
Do you move your things around a lot? Or do you change yours as the seasons change? I'll look forward to hearing which one of those people you are, one like me that shuffles things all the time or seasonal change your things.
hugs ~ Lynne ~
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