Friday, April 6, 2012

~ Bunnies On Parade ~

Hi everyone, hope you're having a super day, hard to believe this week is almost over. I'm sure many of you are already getting your homes prepared for company this weekend. What's on your menu? Are you having traditional ham and all the fixing's or are you shaking things up and bringing something new to the table?
My love of bunnies is certainly not a secret, this time of year I can go into overload and bring those I save back especially for Easter decorating. You know around here nothing stays in the same place for long, I'm always kicking the dust up and moving things around. This year I decided to move these cuties into the kitchen. They've added such a bright spot in my daily routine, I'll miss them once they're put away.
Bringing out the vintage glassware was a natural choice to house the faux chocolate covered eggs and dotted Swiss eggs. Wish you could see how realistic they look, you just want to pick one up and pop it in your mouth.

Posed as she dances to the silent sound of birds singing Miss Bunny and Little Man enjoy the highlights of glass filled candy dishes. The sights are full of pinks and greens, along with chocolate covered eggs dripping with white chocolate. Treats to devour after their picnic.
Mr. Bunny holds the backpack full of picnic goodies. Little Missy smiles knowing after the picnic she'll have lots of goodies to feast on.
Hi Mr. P! I think he wanted to see what I was playing with this time. lol
Vintage style bunnies top off glass jars full of even more candy.

Please help yourself to some Reese filled eggs. Yes folks these are real and so yummy!

Bib overalls and bare feet signs of warmer weather yet to come.
Little Missy stopped to pick flowers for our Easter table.

Thanks so much for stopping in to say hello. Your sweet comments always touch our hearts. We wish all of you safe travels and a Blessed Easter.
Until next time....