Thursday, June 23, 2011

~ A Finished Vignette ~

Greetings everyone, My work outside is getting "close" to being caught up, now we all know better than that, who am I fooling? Certainly not me. After being outside the last couple of days trimming bushes and hauling all of that off, it's time to spend a little quality time inside.
A while back I did some shuffling of furniture around to make room for the new office furniture. I know, I know, those pictures are almost ready to share with you. I was waiting for one area to be completed, that may be a while, stay tuned you'll see those pics on Metamorphosis Monday. One of the pieces I moved is this sofa table. It originally set in the dining room, then made it's way to the office area, only recently to be moved to this short wall around from the office.

When I go to do homes for clients, I always tell them to shop their homes for filler pieces. I love putting together tabletop vignettes and grids on walls. Following my own advice I shopped the home to put together this vignette.

While putting the grid together I realized I was leaning towards red. Having a fondness for dishes and toile, I pulled the toile platter, I love using plates in wall displays.

You might remember seeing this sconce in a previous post, you can go here to see how I used it before. Once the hutch went all white, I needed to find another use for the sconce. :-)) I think a sconce adds a bit of excitement and flexibility to any wall display.

Many years ago my Aunt gave me a copy of my Grandmother's Wedding Announcement that came out in the local paper of the area. It has floated around our home for many years, I feel so fortunate to have it.
Looking down the narrow path, you can see another hint of a vignette, I'll save that for another time.
My beloved Betty left these darling pictures to me a few years ago, until now I couldn't seem to find the perfect spot for them, I now feel they have a place of honor.
The lady and gent was given to me many years ago, I wasn't fond of the frame, and had it stored away for another day. While putting together this vignette I pulled another frame, "boom" it worked perfectly. Dont' you love when a plan comes together? I know I do. Love that I can hang this on the wall and truly enjoy it's beauty.

I'm sure by now, all of you have noticed the empty picture frame. Well, it's still empty, just can't seem to find the "perfect" picture, however; I knew I wanted to use the frame in this vignette, it hangs empty in it's rightful spot until I find the "perfect" picture. :-))
I'm not fortunate to have the ceilings finished, "yet", so I hope you've over looked all those little eye sores and focused on the beauty of the vignette. :-))

Thank you for stopping by today, I'm heading back outside once again, you didn't think I was going to stay inside all day now did you???