Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~ Picture Inspires Mantel ~

When you begin your decorating, do you already have a picture in your mind how it's going to turn out? I'm always inspired by all of your talent. Recently while doing some cleaning, putting away and re-organizing I remembered this beautiful picture. It belonged to my Aunt Mary and was painted by a friend of hers. I'm ashamed to admit I've never hung it in my home. This year I was inspired by it's beauty, the background of the mountains of Montana with the large pine trees reaching for the sky.
Those beautiful trees got my wheels to turning. I wasn't going to decorate the mantel in the kitchen, Mr. P uses it at times to grab onto when he gets up from his chair. He graciously said he would try to be careful not to knock anything off. Bless his heart, he really could care less if anything is decorated and has put up with my passion for almost 34 years now. ;-))
My love of silver has taken over many areas of our home. The darling bud vase has set on top of the refrigerator, I needed a bit of height and something to hold the darling glass ornament.
When I got the reindeer I wasn't quite sure where or how I was going to use them. Once I started on the mantel they just seemed to work perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Miniature trees under glass...
Tall sparkly trees....

Small bottle brush trees...
Notice anything missing? See the hole in the vignette? We can't have that. ;-)
Yes, I took pictures and realized I had a hole and needed to fill it. lol. The Santa quickly came to mind. A perfect fit don't you think?

So.. this picture was the catalyst that set the wheels to rolling to put together the mantel in the kitchen.