Saturday, December 26, 2009

~~It's a Winter Wonderland~~

Hello my friends, I hope you all had the most Joyous Christmas ever!

The weather man predicted a White Christmas for us this year, as predicted Mother Nature cooperated. My daughter and the grandkids were due down around 5. The winds had started picking up with the sleet getting more heavy by the minute with blowing snow mixed in. The mother in me really kicked in and I was starting to worry. Thankfully, they made it in OK. After a wonderful supper, and gift unwrapping completed, we started to play Uno. We played through the wee hours of the morning with the sleet pelting the window. It was finally time to head to bed to wait for the big guy in red to show up.

This is what greeted us Christmas morning. The snow brings out the kid in all of us, even Murphy. I can see he's been out making the rounds. The winds were so strong, snow started drifting. This is was I found inside the garage.

The strong winds blanketed the front porch with snow .

Even the cushions were covered.
I don't think this wagon is going anywhere soon.

If you look closely, on the upper left side of the screen you'll see geese on the lake. Even though the winds have blown the pampas grass over, it's still serene looking to me.

We were pretty fortunate compared to many others around our area. I-29 North was closed for awhile leading to the airport, and folks were re-routed. Our streets are snow and ice packed and getting around isn't the easiest. Until Mr. P's son comes over to start Little John and clean out our lane there won't be any leaving for a while.
With the snow stilling coming down it's a virtual winter wonderland outside. With both of the grandkids still here the house is filled with laughter, Mr. P is enduring the extra noise and activity pretty well. What are your plans for the day? Me, well; I'll be playing Uno with the grandkids, or whatever else they dream up. lol :-))
hugs ~lynne~