Wednesday, May 30, 2012

~ Warm Temperatures Call For Impromptu Breaks On the Porch ~

 Including garden art as a centerpiece makes our impromptu break a little more fun. A stately gal I must say, she's had her hair done just for us. Tightly curled coif is perfect for a windy day on the porch.
 Join Chelsea and myself for a cool refreshing drink.
 To quench your thirst a cool refreshing drink served up in a margarita glass, topped off with a fresh strawberry.
 The Boston fern takes center stage as our centerpiece with Miss Chelsea hiding behind the shaded nook of the leaves. Ferns play a  major role in mythology, as well as being used for medicine and art. They're artful beauty is a healing source for my soul each time I look at them.
 Sometimes it's fun to bring out the silver and mix it with crystal for an impromptu setting, no tablecloth just the diamond shaped center of the table to make it all pop.
 Dip a strawberry in the sugar for a burst of sweet juicy flavor, only fingers need here.

 The bracelet style beaded napkin ring holder gracefully holds the red and white napkins.

Please help yourself.

Sit back and enjoy.

hugs ~Lynne ~
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