Sunday, November 8, 2009

When Did It Happen???

I'm not sure when they started taking over around here. But they are everywhere. Fleur-de-Lis. Yes, my friends you can count yet "another" collection that I have. Come along, and I'll share with you a "few" of the fleur-de-lis.

This fleur-de-lis and the Staffordshire dog and candle holder set on the mantle for "awhile". I love the marble ball the fleur-de-lis has before it's beautiful square base. It only set here for short while. lol After standing back and looking at the small display I felt the balance was off and shuffled a few things around. Do you ever do that? Get something completed and then decide things just aren't going together right? The candle holder to the left is also a new addition. These came in over at work early this Spring and screamed, yes, I'm telling you; it screamed to come home with me. Now, what kind of person would I be if I left a screaming candle holder behind? :-))Inside I have a candle that runs on batteries. It doesn't quite have that romantic feeling a candle has, but does put off a beautiful glow in the evenings. And, if I forget to turn it off, I've just run the batteries down, no worries about setting the house on fire. :-))
The detail of the marble is incredible. By a fluke chance of the camera this almost looks like bull's horns. Hmmmmm Inside the candle.

Same fleur-de-lis, different location. The picture is of mother and daddy on their wedding day. If they were both still with us they would have been married 62 years this past July. Gosh how I miss them.

This green beauty I've sold in the shop for awhile. Made of ceramic and about 8" tall, a perfect fit for just any ole spot. :-)) Maybe not a "true" fleur -de-lis , but pretty close.
Close up.
Moved around a bit and added a carpet ball for a smaller vignette setting. If a refrigerator doesn't have it's own cubby it sets in, I think the top deserves to be decorated. Don't you think so as well? I've had this green cast iron fleur-de-lis for a bit. I thought it paired up well with the beautiful tray and pumpkin jar full of fruit.

This is the top to another beautiful jar. The letter P with the angel was a find at Hobby Lobby last year. I liked it in the secretary, but had to have the lid sitting to the side of instead of on top of the beautiful jar. The shelves just wouldn't accommodate it other wise. So.... I decided to move it.
Now, you see it all together, lid and jar. I moved it from the secretary in the kitchen to the hutch in the dining room. I think it makes more of a statement all together. What do you think?
Just a bit closer view.
From the inside to the outside. Folks, I'm telling you I have Fleur-de-lis fever. This one is also cast iron and goes well with all the bunnies and candle holders on the wicker furniture.

Let's head back inside. The large Fleur-de-lis is my latest one. Gosh it's huge. It came in over at work a bit damaged. A bit of gorilla glue and a touch up of paint here and there and it's like new. Best part for this fleur-de-lis lover, it was free, gotta love that..I paired it with the smaller version and it found it's home on the mantel in the living room.

See the beautiful new lamp? Yes.. girls I had to have another lamp. I know, I know yet another obsession. I'm sure you're asking yourselves how many obsessions can one girl have. Well, I do have quite a few of them. lol.. but have weeded out the lamps I wasn't quite fond of, sold them and found room for the newer ones. :-))
With the lights on.
I hope you enjoyed seeing "some" of the fleur-de-lis around our home. Do you have a few obsessions? Things you collect with a purpose, or ones that have snuck up on you and you discover all of a sudden you have many. I would love to hear about them. As always, I'm so glad you stop by. I so enjoy reading each of your comments.

hugs ~lynne~