Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Most UNIQUE Visitor I've Ever Had!

Over the course of the last 13+ years I've had some pretty unique customers in the shop. I've been very lucky to have met Pat and her very handsome husband Jay, from Backporchmusings, as well as Pat from our days of Rate My Space. I've had a few small puppies, lots of darling children and some great gals. I have to say the day this little guy came into the shop tops them all.

His name is Isaac and at the time he was in, he was only 18 months old and weighed a pound and a half. When they first walked in the door I thought it was a small puppy in a blanket, and then his head popped out, and I had to ask what it was. I thought it was a monkey. He is actually a Capuchin Monkey. He was adorable, he talked to you, he almost had a tendency to flirt with you.
I asked all sorts of questions, and tried to take as many notes as possible, but couldn't take my eyes off him. I'll admit I was a bit on the scared and concerned side. I had no idea what he was going to do.

They finally let him down (they asked if it would be ok) to show me he was fun loving with a very inquisitive nature. You could not take your eyes off him, I still was very cautious.
You'll have to excuse the blurry pictures, he was on the move all the time, and then........
Isaac flew into my lap, I about freaked!! Okay, I could have lost it, the little guy was there so quickly. He was just as soft and cuddly as he could be, then he started talking to me and flirting.. it was just the funniest thing.

I'm not sure a Capuchin Monkey is for everyone, but for Stephanie and her family he's the perfect pet/family member. You could tell they truly love this little guy, as he does them. If you're interested in reading more about Capuchin Monkies you can find that information here. I hope you enjoyed seeing the Most UNIQUE Visitor I've ever had in the shop. Until next time....

hugs ~lynne~