Monday, April 2, 2012

~ Another Surprise ~

Hi everyone, I hope you had a super weekend. Did you do anything fun and exciting? We had the grandson, he always puts laughter in the house and a song in my heart. When the grandson comes, so does his dog a wired haired terrier Miss Isabelle. So, between walking Miss Scooter and Miss Isabelle a lot of walking is involved. I enjoy walking the dogs, it's a time of meditation, time with Mother Nature and of course seeing all the new sights our early Spring has brought our way.
As you pull in the drive on the North side of the house the Snowball Bush greets you, normally it doesn't bloom this early. I noticed the blooms and rushed into to get the camera to share a few shots with all of you.

I love all the berries.
The lamp post peeking through the blowing limbs.

My Murphy is an ever present companion when I'm outside. It always amazes me how much joy an animal can bring to your heart.

After discovering the Snowball bush blooming on the North side of the house I had to check out the two on the South side of the house, only one of the two have started turning. The blooms are lighter in color, the prettiest shade of green. In the past the blooms have been quite large, I'm anxious to see if they out do last years beautiful blooms.

Random shot of the tulip. I haven't had many blooms, but will share those in a day or so.
The Hosta at the backdoor is already quite large in size, if it keeps going it's going to double in size before the summer is over. I plan to keep track of it's growth this year.
Thanks for swinging to say hello, your comments always touch our hearts.
Until next time....