Sunday, June 10, 2012

~ A Little Fluff & Stuff ~

What a gorgeous weekend we've had in our neck of the woods. Even the strong warm winds haven't detoured me from working on outside projects. Trust me when I say there's A LOT of outside work to be done, but that's a post for another day. Even though I love being outside a gal's gotta spend some time working inside, right?

While doing some reorganizing last week I ran across this beautiful piece of fabric, yes folks I "love" fabric. I sold quite a bit of it in the auction a couple of years ago, my favorites I hung onto, and have slowly started adding more pieces for future projects.
Many years ago while living at the lake I went to work for a fabric shop. It's a wonderful place to work if you love fabric. I joined a quilters club and made fast friends with many folks in the area. While working there Mr. P surprised me one Christmas with this sewing machine. Can you say dinosaur? Yes, it's a few years old. I have a newer one of a different brand that's on the blink, that quite honestly can't do the job this one has done over the years. This machine has had many pieces of fabric run under it's pressure foot. Everything from bears and bunnies while crafting, to suits for Mr. P and swimsuits, oh the list goes on. When I opened the shop almost 14 years ago I still made napkins and runners and a few valances but for the most of that time the machine has set idle. This past month it's seen a variety of fabrics and projects. Today I'll share one of those quick "little" projects with you.
Everyone has a pin cushion right? Some standard ones from your local variety store, or ones you've made. I discovered I still had this one I made "many-many" years ago. Nothing wrong with it, it still held the pins and ate needles, just the wrong color.
As well as this one. Nothing fancy, just a square sewn and stuffed. But the colors are just "all" wrong for my little work area.
So I cut a slit in the top and pulled out the stuffing. Folks there's a lot of stuffing in one small square piece of fabric.
When I said earlier the pin cushion ate needles I wasn't kidding. It ate "a lot" of needles!
All shapes and sizes. Man live there were a bunch of them, my fingers were pricked many times, at least now I don't have to hunt for needles. lol
I love blue and white in all most anything. I had this piece of fabric left over from an earlier project. There was an odd size piece that wasn't large enough to do much of anything with, so I cut a piece 11" x 8 1/2" , I sewed all of the sides up leaving a small space to turn, press, and then stuff as tightly as I could. After whip stitching the edge together with quilting thread I now had a pin cushion to sit beside the machine. I'm sure you're wondering why the odd size for the pin cushion. No specific reason, it just happened to be the size I could cut without a lot of wasted fabric left over.
Can you say pretty?
All ready for my little fingers. :-)

 It wasn't a big project, or one that took a lot of time to complete, just one that makes me smile when I sit at the machine working at making some of my dream projects come to life.

hugs ~ Lynne ~
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