Monday, March 20, 2017

Taking Down Another Wall

It's been an eventful last few weeks and months around here. Not only was I busy cleaning up outside I was doing more work on the inside. Working on my home as been great therapy for me. Trying to adjust from a "we" to a "me" as taken its toll. I stay to myself with the dog and don't venture out. For the most part, the only outside contact I have are with my customers in the shop. Learning it's OK to laugh and have a good time as been a difficult journey for me. It's hard to believe on February 12th Mr. P has been gone 3 years. Working on projects has been my saving grace.

While sitting in the living area one evening I decided it was time for the half wall to come down. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to happen, I just knew I wanted it gone. It felt like an albatross. The half wall was great for furniture placement, great for placing all sorts of accessories in front of it. It was time to edit and rethink my decorating.
The oak shelf was great for displaying