Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls With Bows Of Snowmen

Come on in we're glad you stopped by. For you know what today is... Deck the Halls Tuesday. Graciously hosted by Susan from ThoughtsFromOvertheRainbow. I know we're in for a treat, so let's get going.

Let's start in the kitchen and take just a "short" tour. Oh my yes, there are lots more snowmen to see. lol
Normally, this time of year you'll find a rooster plate in this iron plate holder. With an assortment of snowmen plates to choose from I chose this snowman plate.
The teapot lamp was a gift from my daughter a few years ago for Christmas. It's taken it's place of honor on the kitchen counter since that day. A few old books is the perfect riser for these snow people.

With an old pair of socks, a candy cane, a small house and a gingerbread boy he sets out to decorate his tree. Sure looks like he's fighting a howling wind. :-))
Playing music for the animals in the forest. What a heavenly sound.
Peek-a-boo! I see you!!
Some rock candy to fill a glass dish. A bit of faux snow
And left over ornaments topped with some faux snow
Puts off quite the glistening glow.
Let's head back out to the laundry room. Yes, even the top of the washer and dryer get a touch of the holiday cheer. lol
Santa Ho welcomes you as you come through the door. Since this is a magical time of the year, I wonder if I turn his crank you'll hear some beautiful Christmas music?
The basket weave on his box is so incredible. He has his bells ready to alert the reindeer for take off time.

At night all a glow..
Gosh, someone decorated Santa's boot for him. I sure hope he remembers to put it on before he takes off in his sleigh. :-))

Thank you so much for stopping by today. We sure enjoyed having you. Susan, thank you for hosting a great party filled full of beauty. I've had a ball as I'm sure the others have as well.
Happy Holidays,
hugs ~lynne~