Friday, September 30, 2011

~ Sometimes Things Get Broken ~

This week has certainly flown by. I've gotten lots of things marked off the "to-do" list, then added a few more. Do you keep a "to-do" list? Around here I find it helps me stay on track, not necessarily ahead but on track. lol
I'm sure many of you are getting your fall decorating done, I hope to finish this weekend. 
See this little cutie right here? The one on the left? Bless it's little p-picking heart, it ended up broken a while back. I didn't think at the time to take pictures of all the broken shards of glass, just wanted to get it cleaned up before Mr. P or Miss Scooter stepped on any of it. We're not sure how it happened, just one of those things. ;- 
 I love the shape and texture, kind of reminds me up a crown sitting on top of a pedestal.
Having forgotten about it until now, I checked my supply of goodies to see if I had any thing to fit the base. I found a fish bowl shaped glass jar.  Yah!
Using what I had on hand....
I sparingly put some around the inside edges. Again, no pictures. I'm talented, but hanging on to the camera, glue and not making a mess? hmmmm I think we're better off not having those pictures.  lol
I gently put the glass on top, jiggled it around for a bit, pulled it off and set it back down to lock the two together.
Voila' ! And it's whole again.
Back to it's home in the living room. :-)) Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured in the little "oops", and the little glass jar became one with it's base. ;-))
Until next time...