Monday, April 17, 2017

Changes in the Office

 I have a couple of girlfriends that come by for regular visits, they have been my strength the last 3 years. We're constantly visiting about everything, mostly decorating.
While one of them was here last week she noticed I had sold a piece of furniture that had been in the office for almost 16 years. It was time for it to go after the couple picked it up there was a definite bare spot. 
 I moved the over sized
basket to the corner where a small chair sat. the large tray was purchased from Nell Hill's many years back. I've filled it with books, a magnifying glass and a sweet blue and white ginger jar.
 The lawyer's bookcase was moved from the sun porch about a year ago and has floated around the office. It fills the space at the end of the desk nicely.

This is my view looking into the office.
This is my view from the desk. Under the mirror sat a day bed for almost 16 years. It was time for it to go. I looked at the space for a while, thinking I would purchase a couple of chairs or a small sofa. Miss Scooter approved.
 My Pottery Barn table still sits on the wall across from the chairs.
 The oversized plaid chair in the corner was brought down from the living area. The small chair to the right was brought over from the corner where the large basket now resides.
After the ceilings were finished and I'd painted all the walls, the chair ended up along the angled wall. I was pleased with the look until my girlfriend made the suggestion to take it to the office. You can view that makeover reveal HERE. 
Man alive this is almost scary. I couldn't find the picture of the daybed with the blue and white bedding on it. It helped some, but the room still felt very heavy. For a refresher of the whole scary room, you can view it HERE
 ~ AFTER ~
I cannot believe how dark the office was before, it was so heavy looking. The wall where the Pottery Barn table was filled with a large entertainment center. The bedding on the daybed was dark and really quite depressing compared to what I look at today. I'm loving the change.
This is what happens when one girlfriend makes the suggestion to bring the chair down from the living area and another girlfriend says do you want help bringing it down? Love these girls to pieces. I have another area brought up to date, with a huge change made and no money spent. What do you all think?

~ Lynne ~

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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What a great space. I love it.