Wednesday, October 17, 2012

~ Dinner With Pumpkin Paul Harvey? ~

How's everyone doing on this beautiful fall day? We have a bit of wind but the temperatures are wonderful. I have to say I've enjoyed this fall more than any other. Maybe it's because of all the extreme heat we had through the summer, maybe it's because I've tried to take time to enjoy the smaller things in life before they slip away.

Let's take care of a bit of business before moving onto the post of the day. It's come to my attention many of you have had trouble leaving comments or are having a silly pop up occur asking  "Do you want to run or move mplayer.setup.exe (682KB) from install optimum". I've done a bit of research and this is a download for you to be able to watch movies. I don't believe it will harm your computer, I recommend checking it out and when in doubt always click no until you know for sure. I'm not quite sure why it's popping up on my blog, I've put a shout out to my computer guy to see if he can enlighten me and hopefully get it resolved. 

OK, onto some fun stuff. This week has been crazy crazy around here. Shipments have been rolling in daily for the shop, that means a lot of unpacking, checking items over and getting them priced and the most fun part putting together displays. The Holiday Open House is going to be so much fun this year. With all that going on I haven't had a chance to put together a table, I searched the archives and ran across Pumpkin Paul Harvey, I put together last year and didn't get posted. Do you see a pattern here? Hmmmm taking tons of pictures and never putting them together... I think I need to get a little more organized. 

With Halloween around the corner I chose the black and gold table cloth to help ground all the different textures. 
Layering things up always adds more interest. Starting with a place mat I then added a woven charger, moving on up with a white plate, and for more texture a small grapevine wreath. Grapevine wreaths aren't just for doors or walls, use them in a tablescape for added interest. With the addition of the brown acorn plate followed by a leaf plate, topped off with what else but a ghost pumpkin. 
 Pumpkin Paul Harvey came from Cracker Barrel a few years back. I hadn't purchased anything Hallowenish (is that even a word) anyhoo... for a very long time. When I spotted him it was instant love, I had to have him. He rides his bike from room to room each year never landing in the same place for very long.

Dual napkins one floral one solid all pulled together and scrunched into acorn napkin rings.
You can see by the water marks I put together the table a year ago. At the time silver flatware was all I thought of using. Thinking about it now I could have used the green set, now however; I have a black set, wouldn't that just be too much fun to use? What color would you have chosen?
He kind of makes you smile doesn't he?
A fancy ruffled collar, wonder if he uses Crest tooth whitener?
We've got some boa ruffles going on the cuffs, pretty fancy hug ? Come on now,  you've got to dress your finest when out cycling amongst the ghosts and goblins.
To say nothing of striped stockings with a bit of bling on the top of his slipper boots. Woo-Hoo!  Now, he is one dolled up pumpkin guy.

I received the black candles at one of Mary Carol Garrity's fall open houses. The iron candlestick holder came from Hobby Lobby off one of their mark down shelves, the sticker on the bottom was $1.99, and I thought about putting it in a garage sale. I must have been having a moment a very weak moment, glad the moment passed and I decided to hang on to it. Remember this was put together over a year ago, I can now see some Spanish moss dripping out of the holders, would make them just a bit more eery. Funny how pictures speak to us after the fact isn't it?
Yes, Spanish moss would have put the finishing touch on things.
Candy corn anyone?

Every pumpkin guy or gal needs a lantern to shed light on the eery path for treats and delights.

I encourage everyone
to find what makes
you happy and useful
Embrace it and
make it work
for you. 
Until next time....
Hugs ~ Lynne ~

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Monday, October 15, 2012

~ A Season of Cloche's ~

The beauty of a cloche dome is being able to decorate it seasonally.
Using everything from natural elements to found objects. Everything looks great underneath a cloche dome.

 Even standing alone casting shadows on the wall cloche domes have a beauty all their own.
I encourage everyone
to find what makes
you happy and useful
Embrace it and
make it work
for you. 
Until next time....
Hugs ~ Lynne ~
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

~ A Lazy Sunday Afternoon ~

Well the storms moved through all day yesterday and late into last night. Thankfully no damage this go around, the ferns are still hanging on the front porch swaying back and forth through the slight gusts of winds we're having today. It's a lazy, cloudy afternoon here in Missouri, perfect for drinking coffee and enjoying a few of the sweet treats I've bought for the ghosts and goblins that will stop by the end of the month. You know I'm going to have to purchase more, Mr. P and I cannot keep our hands out of them. 
 I usually run errands

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~ Fall Dining ~

Hi everyone, another beautiful day here in Missouri. Crisp mornings, light breezes in the afternoon with abundant sunshine. It doesn't get any better than that. I love the fall season, changing colors on the trees, loads of mums in baskets, wheelbarrows and beautiful urns, and tons and tons of pumpkins. Wearing sweatshirts while walking the dogs and watching the squirrels scamper here and there gathering their feasts for winter.
With the last of the

Monday, October 8, 2012

~ Antlers, Pumpkins, Walnuts Oh My! ~

This is the time of year we can go overboard with our decorating. More is more as the saying goes. Sometimes less is more, depends upon how the vignettes talk to us, what we have on hand to put together and the space we're working with.
 My dining room table

Sunday, October 7, 2012

~ Mercury and Pumpkins A Great Combo ~

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Hey everyone, I hope you've had a spectacular weekend. Our's has been pretty quiet, nothing new there. Talk about fall temperatures around here, we actually had frost. It was a gorgeous site with fog rising from the lake in the shape of a fountain. You'll be able to see a few of those pictures on my Face book page. If you're not a follower I welcome you to slip over and like our page. You can also follow me on Pinterest. 
This month is already slipping away from us. Where has the time gone to?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

~ The Front Porch Gets A Touch of Fall ~

We've had a beautiful Indian Summer in our part of the country. After the extreme heat the trees and grass suffered terribly, it hasn't detoured the beautiful leaves changing, they are showing off their spectacular beauty. I was out and about late yesterday afternoon, wish I had my camera, {bad blogger}, the trees are gorgeous.
I love fall and all the warm colors, it always reminds me of my Grandmother and the great times we had growing up going to her home. It wasn't a fancy home, she didn't play with us, it was a home filled with love and the best smelling home made pies. Those are my best childhood memories. In honor of Grandma I 

Monday, October 1, 2012

~ Another Dough Bowl ~

This past weekend I spent the majority of my time working outside. The weather was perfect for mowing, trying to get the yard in shape and put to sleep for the winter months. That doesn't mean it didn't leave time for a bit of playing inside.
Mr. P sits at the kitchen table a lot. The centerpiece