Sunday, July 12, 2009

Metamorphosis of Sorts

A new week is upon us and that brings the 26Th Metamorphosis Monday. A full day of transformations. It's been "quite" awhile since I've participated. I'm so happy to be joining in this week with a Metamorphosis of sorts.
Now, I hope this qualifies as a Metamorphosis change. Sure hope I don't get kicked out after it's been awhile since I've participated. Some of you may remember this centerpiece from last weeks Tablescape Thursday. With the lights being out for the last 36 hours a gal can't do a whole lot of anything but play can she? :-)
I decided to change out the centerpiece on the dining room table. I started building with the books from last week. Then I added the large hurricane full of faux lemons.
Isn't the metal base just the greatest? This piece is a full 19" tall. I've had it for many years and have used it in many different vignettes.
I then chose to add the metal shaped candle stick holders. I felt like I already had enough height and opted not to put candles on them. I think it worked out pretty good. I felt a little something else was needed so added the clock as well. It was a gift a few years back. Several of you know I have quite the "fetish" for clocks.
Here's a close up for you. The draw opens and I'm sure could hide a treasure or two if you desired. I can also see a vintage hankie or doily peaking over the edge.
I think candles always add a touch of romance or the feel of times gone by. Ummmm we used a few of these the last few

Thanks for swinging by to see my idea of a Metamorphosis's type change. I'm off to Susan's to check out all the other wonderful changes. Be sure to click on my sideboard to take you to a full list of participant's. Susan, thanks so much for hosting a fun filled Monday.. hugs ~lynne~

A Humble Apology

After waking Friday morning this is one of the surprises that greeted us. I apologize to any and all that came by for Pink Saturdays post. We were without lights from Friday a.m. until early evening on Saturday. I'll be posting a few more pics in a day or two. Today, we have heavy rains and are praying for no more damage. I hope this finds your Sunday full of grace. hugs ~lynne~