Saturday, July 21, 2012

~ Baby Steps and Some Progress ~

Hi Everyone, 
What a gorgeous morning we had in our part of the country.  Long range forecast promises another heat wave for next week. I know many of us are wondering when all this heat is going to end. 
 There's been a bit of progress with the work in the shop. The movers came in last week the day it was 106 to move all the merchandise and furniture out. Let me tell you these guys picked it up and put it down. 2 short hours later they had both pods loaded, sure took me a LOT longer to wrap everything, pack it and label the boxes. :-)
 They loaded them a little tighter than I would like to have seen done. I only pray there isn't any further damage to anything.
The days seem to have run together, after they loaded the pods the next day the guy was here to scrap up all the old carpet. I also decided now was the perfect time to get some wiring done. Something that has been put off for way too long, a lot being done inside as well as.....
 The outside. I didn't have an outside light here at the door to greet customers as they came in. While all the wiring was being done, I "splurged" a bit and had our electrician wire for it as well.
 Meet Jerry our local electrician.
 Working as a team Jerry and his wife Betty install the new outside light fixture.

 Purchased from our local Home Depot, the light fixture made by Hampton Bay co-ordinates well with the outside yard lights.
 Let there be light!
I'm sure to many this isn't the most exciting renovation, to me it means the world. I keep telling Mr. P I'm going to be modern in the shop. I have outlets for days now. They are scheduled to come in tomorrow to unload the pods. There are over 300 boxes of merchandise wrapped and packed, along with all the display pieces, the real work and fun will begin as soon they are finished. I can hardly wait to share with you the new displays and merchandise, it will take a couple of days but so worth it. Many many thanks for all of you hanging in with me during this process, it means the world.
hugs ~lynne ~
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