Sunday, November 29, 2009

Icicle Mania

Creativity is not a driving force.
It happens. It creates itself and
you have to be open.
Mayumi Oda
If you had shown up at my back door these past few days, you would have found endless boxes of greenery, all sorts of decorations, and lots of fa-la-la-la. In other words, a mess; but an organized mess. lol. This year I've found myself wanting to go "all" out on the Christmas decor. I haven't been this "over-the-top" in years. Not sure why the reason, just feel I "need" to put the Spirit inside as well as outside. So, as usual I've been meeting myself coming and going trying to get it all done, adding "special" little touches here and there.

A few weeks back I went on a Christmas tour with the girls at work. I haven't done anything like that in years. I was so inspired when I came home, I immediately got started on my decorating. If you can only envision someone going Christmas crazy at midnight.. lol :-))

Above our kitchen sink you'll usually find a rooster valance hanging. This year I wanted to "kick" it up a notch. So, down it came.
After taking the valance down I wrapped some whimsical green garland around the curtain rod.
I added a few berry picks to for some color and a bit more whimsy.
I dug through the boxes and pulled out these wonderful icicles I've had for years.

And there you have it folks, a new "valance" for the holidays! :-))

Quick, easy and whimsical.
From roosters.. To Christmasy fun. I had a ball putting this together. Mr. P. just sat and shook his head. Then he does that a lot when I'm putting together something new. lol For the life of him, he just can't figure out why I go to all the trouble. I just smile and say, "cause it's fun!" lol We'll save the rest of the window for another post. I think it turned out just as
I hope you enjoyed my little metamorphosis this week. Be sure to swing by Susan's for a lot more metamorphosis that will take place in blog land. And as always, thank you Susan for hosting another fun week for us to get our projects done.
Don't forget to join Susan from on Tuesday for the Deck the Hall Party.. I'm looking forward to seeing all the great holiday decor through out blog land.
hugs ~lynne~