Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Prayer for Newtown, Christmas in the Laundry Room

I'll start this post today by saying I'm still, as many of you, in a state of shock over the last few days events. The horror, disbelief and lack of understanding of how a person can harm innocent children leaves a black cloud over my heart. There is no possible motive that can ever come to light to make any sense of this tragedy. I pray our loving Father gives their families and all those effected the needed strength. May we all become more loving and caring with our own families.
I think I'm officially finished with all the Christmas decorating as Mr. P laughs in the background and says, "a right." Oh he knows me so well, about the time I think I'm done I come up with another idea and a spot I haven't quite touched with some holiday cheer. Do you ever do that? Or is it just me? 
It's no secret