Thursday, January 19, 2012

~ More Projects Than I Can Count ~

I know I've been  MIA the past few days, I've been snowed under with a "ton" of projects. You see I don't tackle one area I tackle many at a time. I try the first of every year to get a handle on all the clutter and disorganization around here. There's no one to blame but little 'ole me. Usually I'm pretty good about putting things back in their specified spots...not so much the last couple of years. I've gotten very complacent, watch me fly now 'cause I'm on a roll. lol
In the shop I'm so fortunate to have these beautiful glass front cabinets, they house many things from fabric, a few dishes, things for the shop, and just junk I mean treasures.
Making a bigger mess
It's got to get better right?  I forgot to take pictures of all the washed shoe boxes that have been relabeled. Then of all things, yes you got it; the label maker ran out of labels... grrrrr. What can I expect? I made A LOT of labels. lol  So that means another trip to Walmart this evening, or I could have finished up that end of things. Always something huh?
In the midst of all the organizing I've started painting. Many of you know the yellow colored wood hasn't set well with me for awhile now. First coat not so pretty....still a huge improvement.

There we go 3 beautiful coats. I hope the pictures show off the beautiful brown tones. I am soooo in love with it. I have a "very" long way to go. All of the shop on the North side will painted this beautiful color, Buffalo. Lots of holes to be filled and sanded, it will be so worth all the hard work. A clean updated look.
Along with all of that I've been redoing some tabletop vignettes and wall displays. I'm sure you're thinking this girl must be nuts to take on so many projects at one time. Maybe... Call it nervous energy.
On another note, many of you know Mr. P has several health issues. We had an incident Monday evening, thank the Lord there are no after effects. Today is another good day. January has certainly started off in the worst way around here. We continue to take each day as they come, I use to say I took it an hour at a time, now it's a minute at a time. Remember life is so short, remember to hug the ones you love and tell them you love them.