Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Annual Rooster Party

The long awaited day has finally arrived. It's a Rooster Party through out Blog Land. Hosted by our gracious hostess Barb. You can click here to find a full list of those participating. I know we'll find all kinds of beautiful Roosters strutting their stuff. lolOne year ago today is the anniversary of the flooding we had in our Master Bath and basement. I'm so glad there's a party to attend, to take my mind off the memory of that catastrophe. :-))

Let's start in the sun porch. This beauty is nestled under an iron urn full of greenery and beautiful sunflowers.

This chest was purchased a while back at Big Lots. On sale for $69.00. The shape of the cabinet itself is darling, but the rooster on the front was the defining factor in this little cutie come home with me. lol
I love decorating with plates. The harlequin pattern adds a bit more excitement to the beauty of this rooster. Looks like he's getting ready to dance a jig doesn't he?
This darling plate sits upon the counter top in the kitchen. I carried this beauty in my shop for awhile. Naturally, it has be discontinued. :-(
This beautiful plate I also carried in the shop and once again, has been discontinued. :-(
Fronts of canisters.
These beauties even have their own metal tray they sit in.
I've had this lamp for quite awhile. He holds court in the laundry room. Each fall he's nestled among fall leaves, lights and gourds. This picture doesn't do the red and cream stripe shade justice.
Cute rooster pillow my daughter picked up for me.
Tops of another set of canisters.
This beauty sets atop the cabinets in the laundry room. Even has his own night
light. :-)
Metal piece I picked up last fall at Lowe's. On sale for $9.00. This also hangs in the laundry room.
This beautiful iron piece hangs on my kitchen wall. And last but not least the largest of all my roosters sits upon the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. I purchased him many years ago at Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale. His colors are truly amazing. Thanks for making us a stop during this wonderful Rooster Party Event. Barb, thanks so much for hosting your First Annual Rooster Party. Now, let's scoot over to Barb's to visit the others participating in the party.. hugs ~lynne~