Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outside Dining

Our day has turned cloudy and gloomy, with a forecast of rain the temperatures have started to drop. Our Holiday Open House begins in the morning, so I'm hoping we don't get a torrential downpour. Before I get too busy inside I thought I might share some more of the outside decorations. Last time you saw this setting it was decorated for fall. Now, it's dressed in it's Christmas finery. :-))
This year's theme has been all about the traditional plaids and reds with a bit of black thrown in. I searched the pantry for the right dishes, Royal Stafford fit the bill. Grounding the black and adding a bit of bling I added the vintage looking gold charger.
Inside the coffee mug is a cinnamon stick stirrer. I haven't unwrapped it yet. In a perfect world it would stay clean and look perfect for the open house. The winds have been blowing like crazy around here. I sure didn't want it to be dirty, dishes I can wash, the cinnamon stick stirrer, now folks that wouldn't be good. :-))
Some snow tipped bells and greenery definitely screams Christmas.
A few pine cones too.
I've looked for quite a while for the perfect plaid plates. Using the whole set would have been way too much, I opted to mix them with the Royal Stafford.

Before we leave I want to show you a close up of the tablecloth. Burlap is everywhere and I'm over the top with it. However, you know me I've got to step outside the box and do just a little more. I trimmed this tablecloth in velvet and love, love, love it.. :-))

I'll be busy inside with customers the next few days so I won't be posting a new blog until Monday. I'll share more of the inside decorations and some of the week end's festivities then. Until next time..

hugs ~lynne~

Table Changes

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is around the corner. I know all of you are making your preparations, from the fall decorating to the meals or travel plans. I recently changed out the fall centerpiece. You may recall the last one was "over the top" for the table. Although fun to make and look at, it just wasn't practical for an actual dinner party. So, I came up with this one. I'm still not sure if it will adorn the dining table, but I'm having a ball looking at it on a daily basis. Guess you could say I'm playing with vignettes for the table. lol
Anytime I can use something from Mother Nature I feel like I've touched a bit of gold. Although the feathers aren't real, they appeared to be and give a bit more texture to the arrangement. I've had this bird more many years. I'm not sure but I think I got it at Michael's on clearance. He has held up well over the years.

Naturally, Mr. Squirrel joins the party, we certainly couldn't leave him out. :-))

A "wee" bit of bling for fun.
A close up of the metal pot.

A textured candle with writing on a marble base puts the finishing touches on this vignette.

Final view.....
You know me, always trying something different on the dining room table, I wonder what you might find here the next time? ;-)) Thanks for swinging by. Until next time...

hugs ~lynne~