Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~ A Dab of This ~ A Dab of That~

When I started pulling out the fall decor this year I decided to change a few things, and eliminate a few others. The basket on the wall was done differently last year. This year I chose to leave the fern and add to it.
I love to use pheasant feathers in my home. We live in a farm community and often see wildlife in the front yard, maybe not pheasants but turkeys, deer a few coyotes and naturally the possums and coons.
Faux leaves, some berry stems along with the feathers a few sticks from the yard and I have a basket to make you smile when you head out into the garage. :-))

The icebox was a birthday present from Mr. P over 30 years ago. It's floated around the house and landed here for the past few years. The inside houses the over flow of collected dishware. That's a post for another day. :-))
Using a cast iron urn with some Spanish moss gives the pumpkin a bit more presence.
The leaf shaped dish perfect for this time of year holds some wonderful smelling potpourri. I wish the scent could come through your monitors.

So there you have a bit more fall decorating going on around here, with a "hint" of an upcoming post.