Saturday, June 23, 2012

~ Front Porch Sitting At It's Best ~

With the gentle rumble of thunder in the background I sit here and reflect on last evening's events. As I sat on the front porch looking towards the lake, I thought there can't be a more perfect evening than this. The birds were singing tunes back and forth as if to say we know you're here and glad you are. The breezes were slight and welcome as the sun began it's descent to put an end to another day.
With Mr. P falling a lot anymore it's like pulling teeth to get him to come sit with me on the front porch, I feel like I've pulled off a major battle when he does. It's so worth it for him to come join me and enjoy the million dollar view he built for us almost 15 years ago.
Once I get him outside and seated he seems to enjoy himself and the dogs. Murphy loves to shower Mr. P with affection, sometimes he isn't too gentle about it and leaves more marks on Mr. P's arms. Usually after being scolded a couple of times he realizes he's hurting you and is a lot more gentle about his approach for hugs and pats.
With Murphy gently laying his paws in Mr. P's lap and Miss Scooter beside his chair you can't ask for anything better. Yes.. that's Miss Scooter tongue sticking out.. lol

Murphy keeps a close eye on Mr. P as he dozes for just a wee bit.
Murphy is loving the attention. 

There's nothing like having a dog love you unconditionally.
As I watch the gentle breeze blow the ferns, shadows gently form across the lawn bringing another evening to an end.

Oops didn't mean to blind you, the beauty of the sunset was incredible. Shadows forming, birds singing, gentle breezes blowing, doesn't get any better than that.
hugs ~ Lynne ~
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