Friday, November 13, 2009

~~ You Are Cordially Invited ~~

You are cordially invited to join us this weekend for our Annual Holiday Open House Event.

Where has this year gone to? I can hardly believe it's time to put out all the Christmas decor. But it's here, that time of year where all of the shops in town gear up for their open house events. Ours begin this weekend. A bit more tweaking and my shop is ready to go. I'm hoping to be busy all weekend with customers, but wanted to share just a "bit" of what greets you before stepping inside. (Inside decor is for another day. Is that a tease or what? ) lol

Those on the mailing list received this postcard in the mail. This one is for you! :-))
Outside the arbor is all decked out.
A few bells and a pretty bow.
Close up
Even the bench gets a bit of greenery and a bow. :-))
Let's add the candles to the stone candlestick holders.
I've since added a bit of greenery around the candlesticks. They seemed to look a bit on the bare side. Let's not forget the trees by the door. (Some twigs and fresh greenery went into the pots by the bench after taking these pictures.)

So, there you have a bit of the outside decor leading into the shop. I'm hoping sales will be brisk this weekend. I wish you all could come by and say hello personally. What a "huge" blog party that would be. :-)) I'll try to take pictures through out the weekend and post them as time permits this next week.
Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Say lots of prayers and wish us luck! :-))
hugs ~lynne~