Sunday, August 23, 2009

~~A Better Cut on Metamorphosis Monday~~

It's time once again for Metamorphosis Monday. Hosted by Susan at Betweennapsontheporch. Click here for a full list of participants. You'll find a world of Metamorphosis going on.

I'm sure a few of you remember this post from Pink Saturday. Well, I was mortified when I went back and looked at all the pictures. So, today my goal was to get it all cleaned out and a bit more presentable. I got the loppers out and started cutting. You can see my pile of brush is starting to grow.
Starting to look a little better.
Yes, a little better yet.
Boy, what a mess!! lol
A bit more.....

The lamp post is still hiding.
Wow!!! I can actually see progress.
Now, that the brush is gone the lamp post is more exposed and looking a bit on the sad side.
Sad!? This is down right embarrassing. The vine was even growing on the inside. Shame, shame on me for letting it go so long.
So, I took out the glass and got it to soaking. Grabbed the ladder, gloves and paint and went to work.
First things first. We have to cover the light socket so it won't get it covered with paint. Then got busy spraying. Wow!! Huge difference. Huge!! Loving it.. lol
A short shot of the post. Looking better.
Mr. P had to get in on the action. We used Little John to put the brush in so he could take it off. ( As I was typing this post he stood over my shoulder and asked if he was going to be on the blog this week.. lol How cute is that?? )
Upsy daisy. You can make it honey. Pull a little harder.
Yippee !! He made it. Now, watch out cause here he comes. lol
I forgot to take pictures of the brush all loaded up. I'm sure you can envision that.. lol
Gosh I can actually see the lamp post.. :-))
A little closer
Oops!! Looked like I missed a spot. So, after uploading all of these pictures and scheduling the post I went back out, scrapped this area and resprayed. I couldn't leave it looking like this now could I?
Now, this looks a lot better than a few pictures before doesn't it?
And at the end of the day I'm still left with these beautiful blooms to look at. It's just a bit more pleasant knowing the brush is gone and the lamp post looks a bit more loved.
I hope you enjoyed my contribution to Metamorphosis Monday. Don't forget to swing by Susan's for a full list of those participating with their makeovers. Susan, thanks for hosting another Monday full of Metamorphosis's. hugs ~lynne~