Monday, January 21, 2013

~Winter Mercury and Ice Tablescape

As afternoon clouds move in I'm glad to be home and back inside, man alive it is cold out there. I am NOT a cold weather person, I prefer being outside when the grass is green and the temperatures a whole lot warmer. Once things were unloaded and put away I got busy working on a post and blogger started acting all wackadoodle on me. Not only is it difficult for you to leave comments now it's difficult for me to upload pictures and put a post together. Scream, scream!! Guess this is the life of a blogger huh?

UP DATE:  A big thank you to Debbie@confessionsofaplateaddict for all your help this afternoon. Keeping fingers crossed we've gotten to the root of the problem with the pop up occurring. It was a program that has been on the lap top since 2010, it is now removed. Please if anyone see's the pop up when trying to leave a message or visit the blog please email and let me know.

Now let's move onto more things like playing with dishes, candles and flowers.
My passion