Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ When Metal Becomes Art ~

The walls in the sun porch are wood Mr P. chose
when we built the house. At the time I didn't
have an opinion one way or the other. Well,
I sure do now. lol Especially after taking
these pictures. I find the walls are
"way" to yellow,  you can see
one side is darker than the other.
it's not your computer it's
Earlier in the year I painted all of the upstairs
a beautiful fawn color, called Furry Ottertail.
I've  been
thinking about painting the sun porch.
This might have tipped the scales towards
the direction of painting
 the sun porch walls. :-))
You'll have to stay tuned to see
what the verdict is going to be. :-))
Wonder if we should take
a poll? lol
Many years back I started collecting these large
and "very" heavy Architectural metal pieces. At one time
they were scattered through out the sun porch
in various vignettes. After painting the wicker
furniture black, I grouped all of them on the wall
for more of a statement.
Along with all of the metal pieces
I also have
a collection of
birdhouses. Imagine that!
with another collection. :-))
I'll hush while you to
take a closer look . 
Floral pillows belong to the sofa
across the room. However, the
wicker settee looked a tad
on the empty side. :-)) Normally
when my clients are buying new sofa's
or chairs I recommend solids. You can
easily change a pillow with less
expense than you can purchasing a
new sofa when your tastes change. However, this
room "screamed" for something fun and happy.
I've owned the sofa for a few years now
and still smile each time I look at it.
I'll share the other side of the sun porch
with you in a future post.
The Cocker Spaniel pillow was
purchased I believe through
Touchstone Catalog many
years ago. I'm still looking for one
with an all black Cocker Spaniel like
our Miss Scooter. If any of you
run across one, please email me
and let me know. I'm sure I'll
be all over buying it. :-)) Do you see the
kitty in the pillow?And that my friends is a small gathering
of how a wall in the sun porch
looks today.
   this time next week......