Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Cabinet Re-do for Metamorphosis Monday

Once again it's Metamorphosis Monday. A day full of changes. Hosted by Susan from over at Betweennapsontheporch. Be sure to swing over by and check out all the wonderful make overs. Click here for a full list of those participating. Do you have a spot, corner or closet in your home that just doesn't have that finished feel? One of those that bothers you each and every time you look at it? Well, I admit it. I have a few. This one in particular has bothered me for quite sometime.
Inside you'll find a hodge podge of items. This definitely is "not" the look or statement I want to make.

Yikes! Even Springy items. For shame.
After taking everything out and washing it, I started all over. This is ok, but I'm not sure this is exactly what I'm going for.
Even the dishes have their own carpet ball. lol I think the mice might struggle just a wee bit pushing it around.
I brought out all the blue and white dishes. That made more room in the pantry for others sets to take their place.. lol

This darling little tea set was purchased many years ago at Cracker Barrel. Don't you love those sweet piano type legs?
More blue finery. The egg cup belonged to my Betty and means the world to me.
After bringing out the cheese bowl and adding the blue and white bunny I think I'm a bit closer to the look I'm going after.
Ahhhhh!! I think baby mouse is a bit shy! :-))
Then again maybe not. lol It looks like he's introducing himself to Mr. Bunny. :-)
Isn't this the truth?With the sparkle of the fresh cleaned glass...
After standing back and doing just a bit more tweaking.... I believe I can close the doors on yet another completed project. :-)) Thanks for swinging by to see my "little" metamorphosis for this week. Thanks once again Susan for hosting Metamorphosis each week. It gives me that added little push to complete my projects. Now, let's get going and see all the other wonderful changes... hugs ~lynne~

A Time to Reflect

Time flies by so quickly. I hope you take the time to sit back, reflect and enjoy life. hugs ~lynne~