Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~Lions, Tigers and Bears? No Snapping Turtles ~

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Ours was filled with a bit of rain and cool temperatures and then sunshine and wind. With the sun finally coming out the grandson and I did a walk about around the yard. He yelled, "Grandma there's a turtle in the yard, I grabbed my camera and went about taking pictures.

I ventured closer for some close up shots, thinking the turtle was dead.
His tail looks like something right out of the pre-historic days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.
A little closer shot.
Up until I saw his head go in I still thought it was dead. I was in awe. I really think it needs a manicure. :-))
Mr. P finally walked down and asked if I had ever seen a snapping turtle up close. Let me tell you I moved back quickly. I had no idea this was a snapping turtle. To prove how quickly they can get mad and just snap, he teased it with the bottom of his shoe. This guy did not like being on it's back. His claws came out his tongue came out, his tailed started swishing back and forth, he was definitely one mad turtle. Look at the size of that open jaw.
Just as quickly he rolled back over. We left him alone for quite a while. I kept an eye on it just to see where it would go.
Look closely, you'll see him hiding under the peonies.
With the zoom on this was as close as I dared get, yes; I was a bit on the scared side. :-)

I hope you enjoyed seeing another visitor in our yard.
May all of you have a terrific sun-filled day.