Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~ Added Some Spode to the Table ~

~ Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ~
I'm sure you think I must have gone off the deep end. Yes, same dinnerware as last week, I've just done a bit more tweaking. Although the table was fine before, you can see that HERE, after looking at the pictures I felt it needed just a bit more. Funny really, I serve buffet style, at least I got to play with the dishes more than once before they get put away for the season. lol
The deer don't seem to be floating on the table now. I added some bittersweet vine along with the runner.
The bittersweet and candle centerpiece seem to flow as one now.

A tad more stacking went on.....

After all it is Turkey day, so in honor I pulled out Celebration by Spode, pretty fitting huh? I've had them a few years, this will be the first time using them. :-))

In the background stands the Christmas tree. I brought it up on Sunday, the grandson requested I wait until he comes to help decorate. I'm so glad he still wants to, I'm sure those days are getting fainter by the year.

From our home to yours Happy Thanksgiving..