Monday, August 8, 2011

~Roosters in the Kitchen~

After all the painting was done and I started putting everything back I realized roosters had invaded the kitchen, spilled over into the laundry room and beyond. I edited out quite a few of them, held onto my favorites.
I have a short wall just to the right before you head into the pantry. Due to it's constant use I have to keep things to a minimum in this area so they don't get knocked over and broke.
The metal rooster plaque has been in our home for a few years, I love the medallion in the middle. The bright colors of the rooster flow with other colors used in the kitchen. Even though I just finished painting the walls the rich Carriage Red wouldn't it be gorgeous done in the Twilight I put in the shop? Just underneath sits 3 rooster chests. Again, I've had them for a few years. The lamp sitting here has a marble base, the rooster is cast iron. This lamp weighs a ton. I loved it the minute I saw it. It has a tendency to float around the kitchen, for the past few months resides on the rooster chests. Sitting proudly on the blue and white cake stand with her buddies underneath.I carried the rooster canisters in the shop for awhile. They took forever to get in and flew out the door, now discontinued I treasure these beauties. This beauty is what started the rooster collection many years ago. Originally purchased to sit on the end of the counter, I realized it was just too big for that area. Quite honestly didn't want to take a chance of it getting knocked over, not that it would happen on purpose; accidents happen. If it fell on one of the children it could have hurt them, again this baby weighs a lot.And last but not least the trio of the rooster, hen and the birdcage.

Shelia thank you for hosting this great party. I'm glad I hurriedly took these pictures, I didn't want to miss out on the fun.. Thanks to all for stopping by to see the roosters in the kitchen.