Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Signs of Spring and a Few Surprises

Saturday in our part of Missouri was gorgeous. A slight breeze in the air. Perfect for being outside doing a bit of clean up of what the hard winter had left behind. I got quite a bit of clean up done and enjoyed the beauty of the new buds coming out on all the trees. Little did I know what Sunday evening was going to bring. The weather forecast was for heavy rains, hail and winds gusting to over 70 mph. Well, guess what? Yes you got it. We got all of that and this is what it left in it's wake.
Torn siding off the north side of the house.
Flapping shingles in the wind.

Lattice work ripped off the pergola that hangs over the shop entrance.

More soffit trim missing off the east side of the house.

I'd much rather be looking at the buds coming to life then the mess I cleaned up. I've called the insurance adjuster, just waiting for them to get back to see how they're going to handle it. It could have been much worse. Today, the sun is shining and the temperatures are climbing. I believe Spring may have decided to stick around for awhile.
hugs ~lynne~