Friday, March 6, 2009

Foodie Friday: A Sweet Obsession

Another Foodie Friday Event. A day full of food, a few tablescapes thrown in and wonderful recipes. What more can a gal ask for? Hosted once again by our Esteemed Gollum. Be sure to scoot on over there for a full list of participants.

I'm so excited to be participating for the second time in Foodie Friday. The other night after a long day at work I craved something sweet. Sweet in my book means chocolate. So, I went directly to the pantry, did not pass go or collect $200.00, but gained entry anyway. :-) I threw the latch open and started searching for something, anything chocolate. And there on the shelf a Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix. Yummy... I got right to work. I poured the mix in the bowl, put the eggs, oil and water in... Started to stir...
And stir, and stir, and stir.. no girls that's not the camera on the blink. That's me stirring like a mad woman on a mission. Well.. after all I am on a mission.. I'm craving chocolate !! :-)) 50 stirs.. that's the instructions.. just a few more now..
A few more...

And voila' into the pan it goes.. then into the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.. Can I possibly wait that long?? waiting.. still waiting...

Wow.... that was the fastest 30 minutes ever!! :-)) Aren't they pretty???

I'm so glad Chef Bill has decided to join us.. Look girls he has a message for you ! He's such a sweetie. :-))Isn't he handsome? Look at the cute little smile.Well, shoot we have to wait just a bit longer.. a girl could have a melt down waiting for her chocolate fix around here.
They've cooled, (thank goodness) I've cut them into cute little squares. Miss Bunny says she would like to help serve .
Now, now Miss Bunny.. you must keep your sweet little paws off the yummy looking brownies.
That's a good bunny, pull your sweet little paws back away from the brownies. :-)
Topped off with juicy strawberries and a hot cup of coffee, what better way to enjoy a snack.For those of you that photograph food on a regular basis I applaud you. There is definetly an art to it.. I'm still struggling with that, so bare with them there girls.

Gollum thanks so much for hosting another wonderful Foodie Friday. Grab yourself a brownie and head straight over to Gollums, http://designsbygollum/ for a full list of participants. I'll see you there. hugs ~lynne~