Saturday, April 21, 2012

~ Flow Blue, A Thrift Store Treasure And A "BIG" Thank You ~

Hi Everyone,  I hope you're enjoying your Saturday, whether it's full of running errands, cleaning house, running the children to their events or just lounging around the house catching up on blogs.

Before we get started I have to say a BIG Thank you to Shelia from Note Songs. I asked if she could help me get the PIN IT Button on the bottom of each blog posting, it was just a short bit, she replied with the answer... oh my goodness I was like a kid in a candy store. I've tried like "forever" and just couldn't master it. If you trickle on down to the end of the post you'll find that sweet button, I would love for you to click it to see what I've been up to on PINTEREST.  If you haven't visited Shelia's Blog just click on Note Songs it will take your right there. You're in for a treat, she's the one of the happiest up beat people you'll meet. Shelia darling you know I love you.. Thank you again!

I hope you aren't tiring of seeing the hutch in the kitchen. It's ever changing personality flows with the seasons or blip on my radar when the mood strikes to change things up a bit.
This "gorgeous" Flow Blue plate was a win on EBay a while back. It's one of the pieces that speaks to your heart and you know you "must" have it..

Let's take a small tour of the bottom shelf today, I'll save the top for a later post.
Mr. P has always wanted an English Bull dog, folks this is as close as he's going to get. I mean come on we have Miss Scooter and Mr. Murphy that's enough of the 4 legged beauties that keep me on the go, along with  making me smile each time they pull an antic or two. The Cocker Spaniel reminds me of the way our Miss Scooter lies around.
Mice are our friends right? NOT!!! I cannot abide the little creatures, unless they're small, cute, angelic looking, and ceramic.
I couldn't resist another shot of this beauty.  I realized after uploading this beauty sat in the holder crooked, the picture drove me nuts.. I can't have that I rushed up and straightened it. OCD much? maybe just a little.
A friend of mine has become my "personal" thrift store shopper. OK, she isn't my very own personal shopper, she's out and about a whole lot more than I am and knows my love for blue and white. She ran across this beauty, texts me pictures and price... I shot back a text YES.
Bottom markings.
When she brought this beauty to me, she explained they told her the lid wasn't the right one. What do you think leave the lid on or off? I sort of like it both ways. Hmmmmm a quandary of sorts.
A gift from my daughter oh so many years ago floats around the house. I love the way it looks with all the blue and white going on here on the shelf.

Thank you for stopping in to say hello. Your sweet comments always touch our hearts.
Until next time... Pin It