Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~ Catch of the Day ! ~

Hello Everyone,
I hope all of you had a fabulous 4Th of July celebration? Did you survive all the festivities? Did you have loads of company with yummy goodies? Ours was pretty quiet, except for the neighbors shooting off their fireworks. Some of their displays were over the top and very loud! The poor dogs were scared too death. Murphy retreated to the garage,  Miss Scooter was under the bed or our feet. Thankfully, today things are back to normal around here.

A couple of weeks ago a friend from Oklahoma came in to visit her brother and sister in law. Dot makes this trip annually and if we're lucky she comes in twice. At least one of those visits she comes out to spend the day fishing. The day was letter perfect. A bit of a breeze and warm temperatures.

The younger generation took the island to fish from.Patiently waiting........Later in the afternoon...
I closed the shop early so Mr. P and I could down to see how the fishing was going. The winds had picked up, the younger generation had taken off earlier to go swimming. Dot my gal pal is the second from the far end. Nice catfish Dot!
Yes... it's a beauty!If you go back here you can see my post on the snapping turtle in the yard. I can't be sure if this is the same one, Ed caught this one earlier in the day. I tried to hurry like crazy to get a picture before they cut the line. He was pretty good size, no matter the size they have terrible demeanor. Ed looks pretty cute wearing his hat doesn't he? After being down at the lake for a while and throwing in my line, this is my catch of the day,
a nice sized bass. :-))Water rippling in the wind was mesmerizing. " HAT OVERBOARD!"A couple of pictures back you might recall seeing Ed all cute in his hat, well the wind blew if off, his grandson followed it over to the bank and fished it out. Way to go Kyle, you win

I hope you enjoyed our little corner of the world.
A little trek from the house to peace
and serenity.