Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~ Checks and Toile ~

The center island in the kitchen is bar height instead of 
counter height. When all the grands visited they loved
to sit here, have a snack and yes swing round
and round on the bar stools. I would love to
be able to redo the height and counter tops, in
my dreams I do it a lot. That project is on the back
burner. Since it's not used all that much any longer
I thought I would set up an impromptu table setting. 
If I had a favorite color it would be red, next of course
to my love of cobalt blue. I checked the napkin
supply and didn't find quite what I wanted to use. I headed
down to the fabric cabinet, checked out my stash and this
is what I came up with. Love fabric and the
magic it can bring to a table.
 I love the understated elegance of
toile with the layed back country style check.
My workhorse chargers from J.C. Penney are layered
with red plates and bowls from Walmart, with white
layered plates also from Walmart. Not too matchy
matchy, but stunning all the same. 

The Italian style edge flows nicely with the 
rough texture finish of the creamy white
dinner and dessert plates. Ruby red goblet
from Walmart holds court waiting to be filled
with the beverage of choice. 

Another favorite workhorse of mine is
the flatware from Target.

Now to come up with the
perfect meal to put on these
delicious looking dishes.
Hugs ~Lynne ~

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~ Pigs Sunflowers And A Tutorial ~

 Before the water damage took my life over I was at the sewing
machine most everyday all day long. I've had the best time 
making napkins and runners for the shop and for myself.
I love mixing fabric prints, makes a finished project
all that more exciting.
If you can sew a straight line or even if you can't this 
project is for you.
I chose my fabrics, a stripe and sunflower print,
cutting them 16 1/2" square.
 With right sides together sew around all four sides
using a 1/4" seam allowance,
leaving a small size opening
for turning your napkin inside out.
 Mitering your corners with a cut will insure your 
edges to be sharp and true once you turn your
napkin inside out.
 My opening is between 3" and 4" depending
upon how fast I'm sewing. :-)
A pin at each end of the opening tells you 
where to begin sewing and where to stop
closing up your opening. 
 Sew as closely to the edge as you can making
sure you catch both sides. 
 Ta-Dah! Yay you made yourself a napkin.
Now, press, press, press.
You'll be sure to get a lot of comments at your
dinner table, about how cute your darling Fall
napkins are. Wash in cool water after each use
and you'll have them for quite sometime.
 The hardest part of the whole project is how to display them
if you don't care to put these beauties away. Why hide something
so dog-gone cute? 
 With Fall fast approaching, but warm temperatures still
teasing us, I'm trying my best to keep a lid on doing
all my Fall decorating. This vignette is not too Fallish
just cute enough to make you smile when you walk by. 
I hope you find the time to make yourself some cute
napkins for the upcoming Fall and Holiday Seasons.
Be sure and drop me a line and let me know, 
shoot me some pictures and we'll share and show off
your creations.
Hugs ~ Lynne ~

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