Thursday, September 20, 2012

~ The Bee Attraction ~

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Hi there, hard to believe it's already Thursday, this week has flown by. With the beautiful weather we've had the last week or so I find it harder and harder to stay inside. I've started the fall prep work of getting the yard ready for winter, have a very long way to go. Taking lots of breaks and enjoying Mother Nature and all her glory is a lot more fun. These are a few of the shots of the Sedum in the planter box outside the shop area. Thankfully the hot summer temperatures didn't take away from it's fall beauty we enjoy each year.

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These pictures were taken a week ago, the soft green and pink colors were so pretty.
The plants were full of bees and butterflies, are they getting ready for winter?
I took these pictures yesterday, notice the deep pink color? It is incredible.
I would love to bottle the bright color up to store for the long winter months ahead, instead I'll be able to enjoy the pictures and the memory of sitting on the patio on a beautiful fall day.
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