Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday and a Few Pot Shots of Summer

Once again it's Wednesday and that means Outdoor Wednesday. Hosted by Susan over at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/. Be sure to scoot on over for a full list of participants of great outdoor spaces. Thank you Susan for hosting another Outdoor Wednesday. We live in small town U.S.A. quite a few miles from an ocean. But for some reason the water draws my daughter in like a magnet. She loves anything related to the ocean. She's visited many of the lighthouses and enjoys their beauty and history. Along the way her and the kids always manage to have a great time. Last summer my daugher and the grandchildren took a trip to Florida. These are a few of the random shots she sent back via the internet and her cell phone.

I can only imagine getting on a sailboat and sailing away... :-))

My Catie's name for this was Crooked River Light.

Bailey enjoying the aquarium full of octopus.
Storm clouds moving in didn't detour their fun..
Sandcastles were continued to be built..
Melanie our granddaugher and a friend that traveled with them enjoying the great ocean waves.
Be sure to check out the rest of the "great" Outdoor Wednesday posts over at
http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/. I'm off myself to check them out, see you there.. hugs ~lynne~

Not for the Faint of Heart

Hubby had a doctor's appointment today and after taking him 2 weeks ago and waiting 2 hours to see the doctor, I knew to mark the full day off the calendar today. No tax clients for me.. Once again we waited another 2 hours for him to get his first cataract removed. Now, I ask you. Why do they bother making appointments for us to keep, if they aren't going to keep theirs? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm happy to report he did just fine, I take him on Tuesday for his post op. But I digress. This is not a post about hubby's doctors appointments.
Once we got home and I got him settled I put my wheels in motion. Not one to sit idle I headed downstairs to the office to get busy.
One thing I've learned after all the water damage we had in August, is that I don't have to hang onto "everything". We've been self employed all our married life and have had a lot of paperwork over the years.. Well, today was a day to purge "more" of the paperwork. I got little black box out , fondly known as a shredder and got to work. Little black box churned and churned..

Much to my dismay, little black box churned so much he burnt himself out. Yes. he quit. There were no negotiations. He just up and quit.. walked right off the job. Now, I ask you .. How could he do this to me? Right in the "middle" of a big job. Is there no communication any more ? Does one not respect their employer any more? Apparently not.. :-(
No wonder little black box walked off the job. Look at this bag of shredding. Bless his little heart he was just worn out. ( I almost felt sorry for him, but I still had a ton of work to do). lol
So.. out comes the back up. Little white box with great white teeth.
Little white box with great white teeth got right to work.....
Little white box with great white teeth shredded and shredded and shredded....
Until at last, we had another bag of shredding.
As a final report: There are many files to go, but I progress is being made. I hope to have 1 full file cabinet completely empty by the end of the week. That leaves 3 more file cabinets to go my friends. Many of you have been asking when I plan to post the updates on the office makeover. I hope to have things ready to go soon. I'm sure you're wondering what does purging files have to do with showing the makeover after the water damage? Not a lot really.. just one of those little idiosyncrasy's I have. I want everything in order. lol
So...back to work for me... hugs ~lynne~