Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~~~Here's to a Happy New Year ~~~

As I sit and reflect back on the year 2008, quite honestly I'll be glad to see it go. This year was especially challenging for us on so many levels. Dh or as fondly call him Mr. P. has had a few health issues. Those continue, so we pray that 2009 he has a better year. In October the blog was started and a whole new world opened itself up to me. I was amazed at the enormous amount of support and friendships that would form. I am so humbled each and every day that you take the time to come by. I'm looking forward to making new friends and continuing with the old ones. So, for each of you I wish you the Happiest New Year!! Looking forward to seeing you then..
hugs and hugs ~lynne~

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Wedding Story

Thirty years ago today the day was cloudy with a hint of snow in the air. There was a million last minute things to do. Flowers to get picked up, suits to try on to make sure the fit was right. Make sure the photographer was coming. Somewhere in there I had to make sure the food was being delivered. The longer the day went on the worse the sky looked. But the mood was euphoric. After all I was marrying the love of my life. By late afternoon the skies became gray, winds picked up and the rains began. it was raining, I could handle a bit of rain. The afternoon list of things to do continued on. There was still a ton of last minute things to do. Thank goodness I am a list maker and organized. By the middle of the afternoon the rains turned to snow. The snow was coming in ernest . We realized we might have a problem , the roads were already packed and beginning to get slick. We got a phone call from the gal that made our wedding cake. She couldn't come because of the roads. Dh took off to pick up the cake. I went ahead and tried to get some other things finished up, thinking he wouldn't be gone long. Boy was I wrong. A 15 minute drive turned into 2 1/2 hours. He said the ride was something else. Still I wasn't too worried. I thought the other guests would venture out to help us celebrate our love and come to our wedding. The wedding was to begin at 7. It didn't start until 7:30. The pastor had a terrible time getting there. The photographer didn't show up. The roads were just down right hazardous. Because of the roads the ceremony was short and sweet. The reception was cancelled and we got on our way. We made a 55 mile drive into the city to celebrate our wedding night. That 60 minute drive took over 3 hours. Yes, girls the roads were slick. The temperatures were dropping and it was freezing. We got to the hotel finally and had dinner. That was at least delicious. After getting to the room we realized we had more serious things to worry about. The room was freezing and there wasn't going to be any extra heat. Apparently, they were having trouble with the heat system. I would say they were having trouble. Ice had formed on the inside of the windows. We literally were freezing. So, we went out into the lounge to listen to the piano player and get warm.
The pearls were a gift from my Grandmother for my 12Th birthday. I wore them with pride. Our champagne toast to each other were out of these very glasses. The waitress felt so bad she told us we could have them. Each year we toast our love with these same glasses. The anniversary plate is now 5 years old. My girlfriend gave it to us for our 25Th Wedding Anniversary. Where has the time gone? There have been so many challenges over the past 30 years. A lot of ups and downs, mostly ups. Through all the good and bad times we've grown closer and closer. I love him more today than the day I married him. I count my blessings each and every day that I have the man of my dreams. My best friend. So to the love of my life Happy Anniversary honey.

As a little post note. We had our reception 2 weeks later at our home. We invited 250 of our closest friends. We expected them to come and go and they all stayed. Our little home was bursting at the seams. But I can't remember a more enjoyable evening.
Thank you for allowing me to share my day of joy and memories of our special day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~~~~~Sunset and a Break~~~~~

As the sun goes down I took a break to go out and snap a picture of the beautiful sunset. I've been inside all day breaking down all the Christmas Fa-la-la! It's been a whirl wind of a day around here. I've moved , I've shoved, polished and revamped some vignettes, so taking a moment for this was worth all the work. Most of the household is down for a nap. But Miss Scooter is still enjoying her Merry Ho-Ho gift from Santa. She's struggling to find the squeaker. She knows if she does she gets a treat. :-)

I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm so appreciative and so humbled to think that you would take time to swing by. I love having you stop by each day and welcoming you into my home and learning a bit more about you. I hope you continue to stop by so we can continue to learn more about each other. hugs ~lynne~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

~~~Welcome to Pink Saturday~~~

Good morning girls, Welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly over at Be sure to stop over for a list of all the other wonderful Pink Participants.Today I want to share this beautiful rose bowl. My friend Betty always had the bowl sitting on top of her t.v. or occasionally you might see it on her sofa table. One day I suggested she get a bowl stand so she could admire the beautiful rose inside the bowl from across the room. She told me the bowl originally belonged to her grandmother. There are no markings on the bottom, no matter. It is priceless to me. But I am curious as to it's origin. After my Betty passed I was fortunate to be the next keeper of the bowl.

The details are incredible. I can almost smell the fragrance of the beautiful rose.

I'm so glad you took the time to stop by for a visit on this beautiful Pink Saturday. Please take a minute to swing by Beverly's at for a full list of all the other participants. You're in for a treat. hugs ~lynne~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is there really time for playing a game of Tic Tac Toe??

Here it is Saturday evening girls. The winds are "howling" outside as in protest. The temperature is dropping faster than you can turn around. But inside it's toasty and warm. You see I'm doing my last bit of baking and candy making. I'm sure you're thinking that girl has sure put things off to the last minute. Are you one of those, or do you make lists and actually follows the list? Well, I'm a list maker and "follow" the list. You see there is a reason I put off the baking until the last minute. If I don't, there's isn't any to eat. I've eaten it all. The plate is empty. The kiddos are wondering why Grandma didn't make any of her famous treats for the season. So, I learned many years ago do the Christmas baking before the first Christmas dinner. That way I don't disappoint them and give myself sugar :-) BUT !! I'd much rather be doing this: Instead I'll be doing this. Mixing up ingredients for peanut butter fudge. See, even Chef Bill agrees. It's the most wonderful time of the year..
But, oh.... I'd much rather be doing this.... :-(

Instead, I'll be going to the canisters.....

So Chef Bill and I can make....

this.. See even the edges are covered so they don't burn. I wonder what kind of pie it is? hummm....

This looks much more fun...

Now Miss Scooter thinks the baking is more fun. She's ever anxiously awaiting just a small smidgen to fall on the floor. I'm happy to report -none fell on the floor. But, because she was such a good girl; she got her treat. :-))

This game is "really" calling my name lynne...lynne...Don't you want to come play?

Well girls the timer just went off. The pie is ready to come out of the oven. I've saved from the gory pictures of cleaning bathrooms and such. Wasn't that kind of me? :-)) I've tasted the fudge and it is sooo delicious. Ooooopppsss!! I forgot the blogger rule. I'm suppose to take pictures.. Well shoot!! I'll try to get some tomorrow before it's devoured. You see we start celebrating today with the first round of dinners. We should have about 33 here. Wow!!! That's alot when I type the numbers . Thank goodness I love dishes and flatware! lol. Thanks so much for swinging by today for a game of Tic Tac Toe.. no, no don't wait for me. You go ahead and enjoy yourselves. I'll join you after bit.
From our home to yours Happy Holidays !! hugs ~lynne~

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome to Pink Saturday!

Good morning girls. Welcome to Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly, at Be sure to visit Beverly's beautiful blog to see a complete list of all the participants in today's Pink Saturday.
While searching for pink this week I remembered this wonderful book. We've had it for many years now and each Christmas I take it out to read and re-read the beautiful poems. They are all so touching and so moving. I chose to put this stately deer and some vintage mercury ornaments around it. And adding another vintage touch is this beautiful antique hat and stand.
This beautiful antique book titled A Christmas Prayer has a copy right of 1915. It has a few frayed edges and water spots. We believe this belonged to my beloved Mother In Law. The poems are absolutely beautiful.

From the book:
Dear Lord, these friends of mine,
where they may stray,
Wilt Thou bear each Thy blessing
on this day?
For now the season comes when
Yule" logs burn,
When hearts grow kind, and sweeter
dreamings turn
Unto these olden, golden friends.
I pray
Thy benediction on them all this
And let Thy light of love and mercy
Dear Lord, this day, on all these
friends of mine!

I'm so glad you came by for Pink Saturday. I know you have others to visit and last minute touches to mark off your Christmas list. Don't forget to stop by Beverly's over at for a list of all the other participants. I know they'll be glad you stopped by. From our home to yours Happy Holidays ! hugs ~lynne~

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sunporch Gets Decked Out for the Holidays!!

We're so glad you stopped by. Come on in out of the cold . I'll show you around the sunporch. This is the room you first saw all decked out for fall. Where has the time gone? Once inside the door you're greeted by this smiling Snow Couple. That could almost be Dh and myself.

Once inside you'll see the tree all decked out with a child's theme. This tree started out in the dining room. The older the grandson has gotten the larger the tree has gotten. So, we moved it out here and added more ornaments. I'll let the tree speak for itself. :-)

These cute little Hallmark bears haven't been out for years. This year while unpacking the ornaments for the big tree, the grandson ran across these and wanted to use them. Naturally, Grandma said yes.. lol I think they look darling climbing up the ladder.

Murphy keeps an eye on every move I make . Murphy just showed up one day last spring. He is the best dog ever. Want to come in big boy? Oh honey, Mom is busy taking pictures. I promise to play with you in just a bit.. :-))

You girls know I'm over the top with snowmen. This guy stole my heart a few years ago. He always takes front and center.

For those of you that don't know, my husband used to own and fly his own plane . Unfortunately due to bad health he hasn't flown in many years now. I found this guy flying and thought he would make a great keepsake. The ribbon candy is glass and came from the Dollar General.

Remember the placemats from the Snowflake Tablescape? I took a couple of them and made pillows of out of them. I paired it up with this darling snowman pillow.

Even the hutch got decked out for the holidays. Usually, it has a lot more than this on it. Frankly girls I just ran out of time.

Again with the Candy Cane light sleeve. These are wonderful sleeves that slip over a small light bulb and transform your lamps for the seasons. Alot safer than candles.

Oops!! I think this one is out of order. But isn't it pretty?

Once the candy corn candle came out the snow people went it. This darling snowman plate was a gift from my husband's daughter-in-law. I can sure see my new Snowman plate from Gloria out here. Can't you?

As you can see the candy cane theme

Excuse the coats girls, but we have to hang them somewhere. lol

This little cutie is a wooden tray. It was a gift from my husband's granddaughter.

It's now been 12 years since I've done craft fairs. We pulled a 14' trailer and traveled with the greatest group of people. I don't miss the loading and unloading. The carrying in of boxes. Taking chances with the weather. When we came off the road most of the crafty things were sold out. But I did manage to hang onto one these wooden candles. You can see the way the camera is acting up. The one candle is actually a deep red..Here is looks like a maroon color.

This is one of my favorite snowmen. He's made out of wood and 3' tall. He looks like he's been out an ice storm. Isn't he the greatest?

Okay Murphy boy, Mom is all done boring these fine folks. It's time for me to come and play with you. Thanks big guy for being so patient. We're so glad you stopped by girls. I hope you enjoyed seeing the sunporch all decked out for the holidays! I appreciate each and every one of your visits and comments.
From our home to yours Happy Holidays!!! hugs ~lynne~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

FED EX Makes a Delivery !

We interrupt all the Fa-la-la going on to bring you a very important announcement.

Around here it comes as to no shock when Fed Ex pulls up with a delivery. The truck rolls in and out like clock work at least twice a week. But "never" on a Saturday. And to top it off, I knew I didn't have any orders coming in. Hummmm ... He smiles walks out leaving me holding the box. I could not imagine who on earth could be sending me a package. Well... maybe it isn't for me..

Yep, there's my name.. as I tear into the box, well I cut it open gently, but inside I'm ripping my heart out. There's a card..oh my it does have my name on it.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I turned it over and over again. You see I even left it upside down.

Can it be? It's her signature this time of year.. Yes, girls my Gloria ,Happy to Be sent it all the way from California for little ole me. If you haven't visited her blog you must. She has some of the most unique and beautiful antiques. To say nothing of the wonderful and interesting life she's led. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Bubble wrap..tightly wrapped bubble wrap. I had to cut and unfold..

And lookey here !! Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? Oh Gloria darling, you sure know my heart. I could not wait to get it home and find a "special" spot for it.

It looks pretty cute up here in the window. I could admire it every day if I place it here.

See, doesn't he look cute with all the frosted pine cones layered with snow?

Or he could go here with the ribbon candy and the small village of snow people.

He sure looks pretty cute with all the candy canes.. hummmmm......

Since I've taken these pictures my beautiful plate has moved again. He's now found his way onto the side of the stove in a beautiful plate holder. I have a feeling he's going to find a lot of
"perfect" spots around my home. No matter where I put him he's always going to put a smile on my face. When I look at him I'll think about Gloria and the beautiful friendship we've formed via the Internet. Gloria, I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me this holiday season. The gift of your friendship is certainly enough.. hugs ~lynne~