Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Welcome to Pink Saturday. It's celebration time... Happy Birthday Pink Saturday!!
It's been a while since I've participating in this wonderful event. Hosted by our gracious hostess Beverly each week for us to show off our pinks.

Outside the shop I have some beautiful brick planter boxes we put in a few years back. At the corner of one I planted the ever blooming geranium. With each year that passes it grows a little larger and the blooms are a little bigger. Behind the geranium you'll find cone flowers, not yet blooming, but by the looks of things it won't be long. They've helped fill in a lot of areas where I had previously lost some plants.

The small squirrel planter is almost covered with blooms, I think he needs to be moved just a tad. lol

I also wanted to share the gorgeous buds and blooms of the pink peony bushes. I took these photos last week before the heavy rains moved in on Tuesday. I'm so glad I did, the blooms are now gone until next season. I think this looks pretty enough to be used for a boutonniere. I'll let you enjoy their beauty.

Again, my Murphy dog is always close at hand.
I hope you're having the best weekend ever. What are some of your plans? I would love to hear about them. Me? Well, I plan to start trimming on the bushes and "hopefully" get some fishing in. lol As always, thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

We wish all of you a wonderful and safe Memorial Weekend!!

hugs ~lynne~