Tuesday, August 21, 2012

~ All Hung Up ~

There's been so much going on around
here upstairs and down
I'm meeting myself coming
and going. Not a complaint
just a statement. I'm so used
to our lives swirling in circles, if it
didn't I'm not sure I would
know how to handle it.

 While working in the kitchen
the other day, I looked up and
realized I don't believe I've
shared my pot rack. Do you
still have a pot rack? A conventional
style? Or one with loads of 
character like an old ladder
or even a pitch fork?
 I've had mine a few years now. I love
the convenience of being able to
just grab and go while I'm cooking.
Sometimes I feel like it's
a bit heavy feeling and would
like to take it down for a bit
to see what sort of a
change it would make. Problem
with that is: it is so 
heavy. I hung this myself about
5 years or so ago and
struggled to hold and hang
at the same time. 

 I love the storage shelf perfect
for displaying some of
my copper pots 
and skillets.
 Love my Paula Deen pans
naturally in red. lol I've been
mauling over in my mind changing
the paint color in the kitchen. It's been
red for a very long time now, in fact 
I just freshened up the paint in year less
than 2 years ago. I'm not quite
sure yet what direction I want to go.
I've looked at everything from blue grays to
lighter shades of gray. The problem
is the oak cabinets and crown molding, I
don't want to go too dark. Any
 Pot racks aren't just for
hanging pots. This candle
chandelier was a Christmas
gift from My Betty a few
years back. I love being
able to light a candle and 
enjoy it's beauty and
the memory of 
my beloved friend. 

I would love to hear if you 
still have a pot rack and
what kind. 
hugs ~lynne ~
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