Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~ She Finally Shows Her Beauty ~

The new red mulch helps to showcase
the beauty of the
 Blooming Rose Bush.
If you like you can
see how sad it looked
you can go here to see
those embarrassing
When I started putting down the mulch
 I was
worried the rose bush 
wouldn't bloom again this year.
these pictures were taken we've had a ton
of rain and it's
 bloomed and bloomed. 

I hope all of you are in and staying cool.
We have extremely hot
 for our area as early as it is for the season.
The winds are blowing which
 makes it a bit easier to be outside.
 My work continues around the house,
 hot or not. I'm on mission, :-))
to get things spruced up. A while
back we had roof damage
from one of the
 numerous storms that came through
 our area. I'm happy to report
 that work
 is complete,
I"ll have
 pictures to share
in upcoming posts,
 they may not be the
 most exciting pictures,
 I was impressed
at all the work that
 goes into
 tearing off and putting
a new roof on.  
Until then...