Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~ Watching the Clouds Roll By ~

A while back I was feeling the need to head down to the lake and do some fishing. You would think with it being right in front of the house I would venture down here more often. For some reason I'm always finding something that needs to be done inside or around the house. This particular afternoon, I stole away for an hour or so. After throwing the line in many times, getting only a few bites I leaned back to take in the view.
The afternoon was so hot, not a breeze blowing, the lake was like glass on top. The refection of the clouds mesmerized me. Remember when you were little you tried to find an animal shape in the clouds?  I got so tickled when I saw the shape of the poodle. Closer...I just wanted to reach up and give it a big 'ole pet or two. Before long the puddle shaped cloud disappeared and my fishing was over, only to continue another afternon.
                                                                       LINKING TO:I hope you enjoyed seeing me watching the clouds go by. Thank you for swinging in to say hello. I hope this finds you with cooler temperatures and the sun shining down on you.
Susan, thank you for hosting each week.