Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~ A Profusion of Color ~

Hi everyone, hope you enjoying your day. It's turned off quite cloudy here, perfect for staying inside playing catch up, although there's quite a lot of work to do outside.
The flowering Crab Apple Tree is showing off it's finest today even with the clouds and wind. I stepped outside the shop door to snap some quick photos before the rains come they're calling for. Overlook those pesky dandelions, haven't had time to treat them.

You might remember me telling you I always put Boston ferns outside the shop door. You can  revisit that post HERE. Well, yesterday while out running errands I found this beauty at Walmart. Yippee Skippy!!! The front porch has a few as well, that's a post for another day.  I always feel like Spring is here and my porches properly dressed once I add the ferns.
Looking towards the other end. It's a bit windy and damp feeling to have the table all set up, makes me smile when I walk out the door.

Looks like we have a visitor...
You know I love my bunnies. The camera just doesn't capture his sweet concrete face, always fun to go out and see my concrete bunnies scattered here and there.
As always a big thank you for swinging by and leaving such sweet comments.
Until next time...