Monday, February 1, 2010

~On Top of Things~

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are having a super day! It's been something else around here. Do you ever have days where everything you touch turns to mush? Boy, oh boy I sure do. First thing this morning, spilt a whole cup of hot coffee, then broke a plate. And to top things off tried to take my head off with the fan on while standing on the ladder to take these pictures. Note to self: next time turn fan off before climbing to take pictures. lol (No harm to thick head was done while trying to take pictures). OK enough about my day... let's get on with the party!!
We're so glad you stopped by. When we built our home I knew I wanted the cabinets open to the ceiling. With our high ceilings, I knew I would have another space or two to decorate. lol
Tuesday's blog party Tabletops, Vignettes and Favorite Accessories is hosted each week by Barb from over at Gritsglamour. What a fun way to take another peak inside your homes. I've had a ball these past couple of weeks as I'm sure you have. Barb, thank you for hosting a "great" party!

Many of you know our kitchen was taken over by roosters a few years back. I've yet to tire of these beauties. I love the beauty of their tale feathers, and most of all their attitude! lol This beauty came from Hobby Lobby "many" years ago when they had their ceramic items 50% off. I originally purchased him for the end of the counter. However, our counter is higher than most and the grandchildren were quite small, I was afraid of him getting knocked off. So.. he ended here on top. Do any of you have copper items in your kitchen? Remember a few years ago when it was all the "rage"? With the theme of our kitchen being French Country, I purchased a few "select" items and still have them displayed. I'm not one to usually follow a trend, I like to decorate with items I love and fit my personality. Isn't that what a home is all about? You..and your style?

This beauty sits on the other end. You can see he has a couple of visitors. :-))
Many of you might remember this stately rooster used as a centerpiece in a tablescape a while back. You can find that post here.
These darling little mice were made for me by my Uncle "many" years ago. Isn't his talent amazing?
I love the handle.
Another picture of the mice. Can anyone tell me why some pictures with a red background turn grainy or aren't a true red?
I have this little guy stuck on with putty, so he doesn't topple off. lol

My birdcage takes center stage in this vignette. It has a copper roof and is painted the softest shade of yellow. I've thought many times over the years about painting it, but after looking at it and the other colors in the kitchen I feel it's the perfect color. So, this little beauty won't get painted anytime soon. lol
Thank you so much for swinging by to see my "cabinet top" vignette. Be sure to swing by Barb's for a full list of those participating this week in Tabletops, Vignettes and Favorite Accessories. I'm off.... see you there.
hugs ~lynne~