Monday, November 21, 2011

~ A Bit of Tweaking Here and There ~

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Are you busy tweaking your menus, getting your tables ready for Turkey Day or enjoying a lazy Monday? My list of things to do is quite long day, I'm hoping to knock all of them out. In the mean time I wanted to share a little vignette I recently changed up.
The plate under the cloche dome had been there seemed like "forever". You can see the plate in the dome HERE. It seemed to work at the time, I'm glad I made the change. :-))  Sorry for the glare, I could not get a picture without it it seemed. :-(
The table the squirrel sat on has to be moved for the Christmas tree to go up, I've already started shuffling things around preparing for  all the that "fun" decor. :-))  I moved the squirrel over on this sweet side table with these beautiful silver candlesticks. I found them recently in an antique store for $2.50 for the pair. Can you believe it? I almost didn't until she rang them up. Can you say "bargain"?
I love mixing the shiny silver with the muted tones of the squirrel and pine cone, takes it up a notch or two.

I always try to have a family photo sitting here and there. This time of year I get a bit melancholy, a little on the nostalgia side, this is Mother and Daddy's wedding picture. They are both gone now, I miss them terribly. There is so much I would love to share with Mother, I often wonder if she would be proud of what I've become and what I do for a living. She really wanted me to go into the health field. I took up accounting at her suggestion, not that I would say I enjoy it, my passion is in decorating, I'm so glad I have the shop as my "fun" job.. the accounting, that fills in the gap. lol
Out with the blue fruit plate and in with deer. I love this Spode plate.
I took the lid off for a better shot. Isn't he stately? The color tones flow much better than the fruit plate, I'm not sure why I hadn't done this sooner. Just a simple change with a big impact. :-))
I wanted to share the curly edge of the cloche dome. I'm thinking about painting it black? What do you think? Black or leave it as is?  hmmmmmm
My daughter picked up the dog for me a few years back at Nell Hills in Briarcliff. At the time you could purchase just one, now you have to buy them as a pair, I'm looking for it's mate that faces the other direction. :-))
So there you have a little corner in the living area where I sit and read a few books and enjoy my coffee. After looking at these photos, I think it's time to move the blue plate hanging on the wall, I believe a couple of plates closer to the decor I'm using on the table. Another thing to add to the list. lol