Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Put an End to Things !!

I look around my home on a daily basis and wonder what can I move or change to spice things up. One thing I cannot live without is the ever presence of books. They are a main staple in my life. From those I read on a daily basis to the decorative ones I scatter here and there.

While cleaning the other day I realized not only do I have quite a few books, I also have a "small" collection of bookends. Are you ever surprised at how a small thing turns into a collection?

There is a logic as to why books are stored vertically. The boards that form a book's cover are more likely to deform if placed horizontally, especially if the surface they're placed on isn't flat or there are heavy books stacked on top.

Having said all of that, I would love to show you some of the bookends I have scattered here and there. Now, we know I dance to the beat of a different drum, I like to think outside the box and use the unusual in my home. Last spring while out and about I discovered these gorgeous sconces on sale. Now normally, they would hang on the wall and I thought why not use them as bookends. Don't they make quite the statement? They can serve double duty, if I tire of them as bookends I can use them on the wall later in a display. Genius huh? :-))
Don't you love all the details? Remember in an earlier post I told you I had pulled all the runners and napkins off my furniture? This picture was taken before that little task was performed. I'll share with you soon the difference. I'm really liking the "lighter" look and the beauty of my wood pieces showing off their beauty. I had to move these cuties to the dining room table to get a decent picture. You might recall seeing them sit on a piece in front of the dining room window. You can see that post here.

Pretty cute huh?

The details are incredible. I love her patting the puppy.

And this guy playing peek-a-boo!

These beauties were ordered from Nell Hill's in Briarcliff. Janet searched the store over for me to find them. I spotted them in one of Mary Carol's post and fell in "love"! The box their sitting on was one of my grandmothers, I added the old books for the vintage touch.

Moving across the room to the stereo cabinet, you'll find a deer and a green compote used as bookends.
I like the look of one laying down and the green compote on top, adds a bit more excitement to the vignette.
Let's head to the sunporch and I'll share with you the frog bookends. I know Michael of Gollum's would love these. I've had them for over 20 years. Made of bronze and full of whimsy, I fell in love with them. My girlfriend laughed and laughed the day I purchased them. You see, I think someone needs something to look at each day and just laugh.

Back inside we'll head to the kitchen. Quite awhile ago I started adding roosters to the decor , I've edited "a lot" of them out over the coarse of the last couple of years, but the rooster bookends are a mainstay. These are made of heavy bronze with tons of details built into their character.

If you love books and use them as decorating tools in your home, think outside the box and add something fun and different to use for your bookends. Until next time....
hugs ~lynne~