Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Innocence of a Child Is Pure JOY!

While most of you are busy re-doing rooms, shopping for new furniture, organizing shelves etc. I thought I might get busy and polish the silver, a task that was Way Over Due!! I had a pretty good start at it, while a daunting task a rewarding one. Then, I heard Bailey (aka number 1 grandson) hollering for me, I thought something might be wrong. But alas, all he wanted to know was if I wanted to take pictures of him making a Snow Angel. Well you know I dropped everything, got my heavy coat on and headed outside with the camera. :-) Anything to put this job on hold for a bit! lol
First stop was to show me the fort he was hiding behind.
Folks, a year ago he didn't want his picture taken let alone show up on the blog. Now, you can see he poses for the camera. lol
This is the first Snow Angel he made prior to me getting outside. I think he thought of the photo shoot after he made it. lol
And the process begins with Angel number two.

Naturally, Murphy wanted to help.
We both laughed and laughed, Murphy was making his own version of a Dog Angel.

Wow! he says this snow is cold!
Again, with a bit of help from this beloved dog.

This is where Bailey told me I should put this on my blog. I about fell over, but to comply with his wishes, here it is. lol
Again with the posing. What a ham he's turned into. :-)) While proofing this and showing Bailey and PaPa the pictures, Bailey kept protesting, he wasn't posing. :-))He was trying to hide, but didn't quite get the job done. The little patch of green looks wonderful after seeing white these past few days.
Off he goes to make another Angel or two.
After playing outside and getting his clothes soaked Bailey requested some hot chocolate, perfect for warming the little guy up.
Wish I could tell you after all of this I went back to polishing silver, no I decided it was time for me to curl up on the sofa with a good book and some popcorn. Polishing silver, a task for tomorrow. Until next time....

hugs ~lynne~