Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging on to Favorites

Some things you just can't turn loose of. You know me and my love for bunnies. These darling bunnies reside in the shelves of my office. Each time I turn my desk chair I have the pleasure of looking at them and enjoying a smile. :-))
Christine from Christine's Home and Travel Adventures shops at a darling shop and had emailed me about a darling bunny picture she had just purchased. She showed me the one she had purchased and I asked if she thought they had any more.. she went back and picked this up for me.. I was so glad I had purchased it. I could hardly wait for it to come in the mail. lol It fits my decor so well.
The blue ceramic bunny I've had for a few years. I'm not sure I recall where I got it. I have quite a bit blue in my home, so he has a tendency to float to other rooms. lol Don't you love having pieces that move from room to room? Suttle changes make a world of difference in our tabletop vignettes. As always thank you for stopping by and saying hello.
hugs ~lynne~